Tri-County Iron








Tri-County Iron is our local iron and metal working shop. Our TCI team is fully equpped with engineering, welding, fabricating, and designing expertise.


Meet with our engineering team to brainstorm how your projects can become a reality! We'll draw up 3-D CAD designs for you and we're equipped with state-of-the-art plasma, flame and laser cutting systems. We even sell steel for your own at-home projects.


Give us a call 515-650-3725 or stop by at 13773 N Ave, Bouton, IA 50039.


Summers Manufacturing has acquired all rights to the Tri-County Iron mud scrapers for rolling baskets. For rolling basket mud scrapers, contact your Summers dealer or Summers Manufacturing at


Contact Us

Phone: 515-650-3725
Address: 13773 N. Ave Bouton, Iowa 50039